’Resonance’ Installation at Milan Design Week 2019

At the Milan Design Week, the Samsung Design Centre presents the exhibition “Resonance”.

The exhibition space and exhibits are presented in a wide range of colours with the aim of allowing sensory experiences to have an effect on you and thus resonating with you. The unique: The exhibition does completely without digital applications. The interaction takes place solely with real objects and conveys authentic sensory impressions.

All exhibits react to everyday actions such as breathing, speaking or touching. As an immersive spatial experience, the message in the figurative sense is Samsung’s current design philosophy, “Be Bold. Resonate with Soul.”

In the first exhibit, “Dandelion”, expandballs fold open and close within a large cube. The movement is controlled by one’s own breath. The exhibit “Whirlwind” reacts to acoustic frequencies. Coloured elastic ropes can be made to vibrate by one’s own voice. The installation “Aloft” allows hundreds of white balls to fly through the air in a glazed room element when a sensor is touched, and “Ripple” makes water surfaces vibrate when the user enters them. The exhibition closes with the room “Prism”. Large mirror surfaces reflect coloured light and cast cones of light onto the wall. Those who place themselves in the cone of light will find an inspiring quotation on the opposite wall surface.

With this exhibition, Samsung presents his perspective on how and which special moments and experiences enrich our lives. Samsung calls the relationship between man and technology, as well as the interaction taking place through the senses of seeing, hearing and feeling, “resonance”.

Curated and designed

VAVE Studio and Cheil Worldwide


Samsung Corporate Design Center


Xilografia, Milan

Engineering and Media production

VAVE Studio x Limiteazero, Milan

Film and Photography

Luca Severi and Gianfilippo De Rossi by Luca Severi Production Group Inc.



Period of time

April 9-14, 2019


Exhibition area 423 sqm, outdoor area 138 sqm