Tencent T-Day

Tencent is the biggest Chinese internet company and one of the most valuable companies worldwide. Every year Tencent hosts a technological interactive exhibition, called T-DAY. At this year’s exhibition visitors are invited to explore the infinite possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in everyday life.

The exhibition is paying a homage to iconic Shanghai City landmarks. Regardless of age, culture and background, everyone is welcome to enjoy and explore the immersive experience and to understand how technology brings a positive impact towards a greater and brighter future.

Entering the exhibition you are invited to take a train to travel through time as you arrive in a city transformed by technology, yet retains its traditional facades. Extremely colorfully designed and equipped with countless interaction possibilities, it is absolutely impossible to get bored here.

Concept, Exhibition Design and Interaction Design

VAVE Studio, Uniplan GmbH & Co. KG


Tencent Holdings Ltd.


2019, World AI Conference, Shanghai, China


3500 sqm

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